Come Together solo guitar arrangement


Click the jpeg file to view the solo guitar arrangement of Come Together


A New CD


What an amazing learning experience. Over the past year, I have been working with Norm Glaude at his studio, recording 9 original compositions that I put together for this CD project. The first 4 compositions are part of a suite that also gave name to the album, Of Light and Shadow.


A New Guitar


There is a wonderful guitar builder here in Ottawa who is not afraid of building outside the box. Here is a link to luthier Mike Sankey who just completed a unique request that I asked him to create. The guitar is ergonomically and sonically amazing! Here is a link to Mike's blog page.


This is why I teach music!


Every so often I will get an email from someone I mentored years ago. Having taught guitar at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and St. Vincent College in Latrobe and currently teaching at Carleton University, I will occasionally get an unexpected email. Here are some examples from guitarists I had a chance to work with. These students were very motivated and excited about learning music and understanding their instrument. Receiving these emails is one of the most gratifying feelings a mentor can have.